Three Peaks Challenge for Psykiatrifonden

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Psykiatrifondens Årsindsamling

Three Peaks Challenge for Psykiatrifonden

The Challenge
The UK National Three Peaks Challenge is an event in which participants attempt to climb the highest mountains of England, Scotland and Wales within 24 hours. It is frequently used to raise money for charitable organisations. Walkers/runners climb each peak in turn, and are driven from the foot of one mountain to the next. The total running distance is 42km and the total ascent is 3064 metres. Total driving between mountains is approximately 10 hours. With around 30,000 attempting the Three Peaks Challenge each year, only 40% actually complete it within the 24 hour limit

The Team
The Team will be participating as private individuals in their free time. The team comprises of seven Coloplast Innovation Project Managers with six runners and one driver. As part of the training preparation most of the team trained for the Copenhagen Marathon in May this year The average age of the team is above 50 years old.

Motivation for choosing this charity:
One of our Coloplast colleagues has been dealing with a particularly difficult and personal challenge in the past years and as his close colleagues we would like to show our support. As he is a keen distance runner we feel that doing a challenge like this together with him is perhaps the most appropriate way to do that.
This is his story in his own words:
In connection with my daughter's anorexia and later diagnosis of autism, my daughter has been hospitalized several times.
First for the treatment of anorexia and later for the diagnosis of autism. During these hospitalizations, we have experienced how kind and real professional treatment teams have struggled with limited financial resources due to years of down prioritization.
This results in (too) late admission, which thus requires greater support before the patients can return to something resembling a normal life.
Just to give a simple example of the result of several years of down prioritization, the number of hospital beds for treating anorexia is so few that the patient must have had such a large weight loss that there is a risk of the organs is shutting down and thereby life-threatening. The hospital must make hard prioritization among the patients waiting for treatment/bed. The down prioritization of this area is despite the fact that anorexia is one of the deadliest diseases among young girls.

Through this charity, we hope that we can contribute to a greater focus on young people with mental health problems, so that they can get help much earlier than today.
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    Great initiative!!

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    Such a great initiative 💪🏼

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    Godt intiativ ♥️ gode løbeture

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    Kids are the highest priority of any parent. I feel you !

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    You guys are awesome 🤩

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    Big hug to your colleague 🫶🏻

  • Mark Newman Mark Newman
    Wow that is absolutely amazing !!! - you generous big hearted people pushed us to our intended donation target in just over 24 hours. We are truly humbled by your generosity and support for young people with mental health issues. With over 50 days to go, we feel compelled to raise the ambition bar and reset the target to 20.000. You have already done so much - but if you can take on the role of our ambassadors and spread the word, we believe our new target is achievable.

    Massive thanks from all of us involved in the project!
    Alex - Michael - Jens - Niels - Jakob - Henrik - Mark

  • Tine Kragh Nielsen Tine Kragh Nielsen gav 250 kr.

    Imponerende støtte fra et team til et vigtigt og underprioriteret område ❤️ god tur

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    Godt initiativ - men sol det rige land vi er, så burde vi kunne tilbyde den hjælp uden jeres godhjertet initiativ.

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    It's an honourable cause

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